Elk Mountain, PA

Pics 1-5 show an interesting tandem lift with a Hall double on one side and a CTEC quad on the other. Crossarms
from an older Hall chair here attached to new CTEC tandem towers. The Hall bullwheel and sheaves were built
into the new CTEC tandem terminal. The double had a new return (CTEC), the quad side had a Ctec return.
Pics 6-8 show two double chairs. The one on the left is a Hall and the one on the right is a Borvig. The Hall
on the left is the original chair on the mountain. It has been modified with new Hall chairs and a new Drive
terminal. The 9th pic shows the double in its original state. It was one of the rare gothic style lifts. The only
other Hall chair of this style we know of was at Big Tupper, NY. Pic 10 shows the beginner double (Borvig)