SKYRIDE (VON ROLL) -The Disneyland skyway was the first Von Roll skyride in United States built in June 1954. It originaly had round
cabins, they were later replaced with rectangular ones. The lift was purchased used from a Swiss ski resort after Walt Disney saw one
overseas. The lift uses the famous type 101 grip that pioneered detachable lift technology. Traveling at a speed of 4.0 mph. the skyway
was the slowest vonroll type 101 with a maximum capacity of 44 gondolas dispatched every 10 seconds. The lift had a cable diameter
of 28 mm. The skyway served as inspiration for many other theme parks to install a skyride, many vonroll type 101's. The skyway was
the only aerial tramway that went through a mountain. Sadly it closed on Nov 9 1994. In Switzerland the lift was a side double chair.
and was modified when moved to Disneyland.

Many pictures thanks to Rob Skyway, for more info visit his Yahoo Group