SKIMOBILE EXPRESS (DOPPELMAYR) - Built in 1995 as a new main base to summit lift. It runs parallel to
the Lookout triple. It replaced the former Mid-Chair built by Mueller.

LOOKOUT TRIPLE (DOPPELMAYR) - Built in 1986 as a base to summit lift.

SCHNEIDER TRIPLE (DOPPELMAYR) - Installed in 2012 to replace the East Bowl Double. This lift was purchased
from Wachusset resort in Mass.


SKIMOBILE - The skimobile carried many skiers and tourists up Mt. Cranmore in North Conway, NH until 1988.
The ski mobile was a two part home built lift with a seperate upper and lower sections.

NORTH CHAIR (MUELLER) - This chair was installed in the 1963 to ease congestion at the Skimobile
as an alternative lift to the summit. The Lookout triple chair was installed right next to it in 86, and the skimobile
decomissioned in 1988. The skimobile express quad was installed in 1995 replacing another similar Mueller
chair that went halfway up (the Mid-Chair). When the quad was installed, the North chair was shortened, and only
went halfway up the mountain. Because it saw little use in recent years it was finally removed in Summer 2006.

EAST BOWL DOUBLE (ROEBLING/MUELLER) - Originaly built in 1955 by Roebling Ropeways of Trenton, NJ
This lift is similar to the original Spruce Peak double at Stowe, note tower design. It was modified around 1969
with Mueller chairs and line gear. For most of the 2000's this was the oldest operating double chair in New England. The
first picture shows the chair in it's original form while the others show it as modified. It was replaced by the Schneider Triple

Pics 11 and 12 thanks to Scott Melick, Pics 13-19 thanks to Woodcore, Pics 20-31 thanks to Dan Robertson. Several
pictures thanks to Sam and Kat of Cranmore!.