KOKOMO (POMA) - Built in 1981 this lift services beginner and intermediate terrain.


F LIFT (HERON/POMA) - This 1971 Heron/Poma double originally had covered chairs.

The following information has been provided about the F Lift by Michael W. a former Copper employee.
"Hello, On under the pictures section you show two pictures of a double covered chair at Copper Mountain, Co. The
lift was indeed a Heron design and was installed in the summer of 1971 as one of the 4 original chairs for Copper's opening season
in 1972. It was desiginated "F" Lift and operated through the 1988-1989 season when it was replaced with a Poma detachable quad
known as the "American Eagle". I worked at Copper from 1976-1998 and was the Lift Construction Supervisor overseeing the removal
of "F" Lift and the installation of "The Eagle". You have a great site- keep up the great work!"

Thanks to DaveV for the second covered double pic.