CATAMOUNT NY/MA - Catamount is one of the few ski areas in America located in two states. It is possible to ski between MA and NY.

QUAD (GARAVENTA/CTEC) - Installed in 2006, the chair was purchased used from Bellayre, it replaced the Ridge Double.

CATAMOUNT DOUBLE CHAIR (SLI) - A Rare center pole SLI double chair built in 1967.

GLADE DOUBLE CHAIR (SLI) - A 1971 SLI chair with SLI's signiture maintenance free bail chairs.


MOUNTAIN VIEW DOUBLE #5 (ROEBLING) - Installed in 1984 the chair was purchased used. It was
removed in 2005 and replaced with the meadows Triple chair.

RIDGE DOUBLE CHAIR #2 (HALL/DOPPELMAYR) - Built in 1961 this was the first chairlift on the mountain. This lift
was upgraded by Doppelmayr with a new drive and return, two towers and various sheaves were also replaced.
It was removed and replaced with a quad in 2006.

PUSSYCAT J-BAR (SLI) - The J-Bar served beginner terrain until it was removed in 2003.

Pics 22-35 thanks to Jason Walega