TRAM (AUGDIO) - This 90 passenger tram was built in 1980 with CWA tram cabins. One rare and interesting picture below
from a 1980 ski magazine shows both trams, shortly before "Old Girl" was removed. Bob Heron, while officially retired
acted as a consultant on the construction of the new tram. The red and yellow cabins are affectionatly called Ketchup and Mustard.

ZOOMER TRIPLE (DOPPELMAYR) - Installed in 1984 to replace the Zoomer Double, this chair services the "front five" lower mountian expert trails.

PEABODY EXPRESS (GARAVENTA-CTEC) - Built in 1999 to replace the Peabody Double. This chair serves as the backbone of the ski area.

CANNONBALL QUAD (DOPPELMAYR) - Built in 1990 to replace the summit T-Bars this chair services some of Cannon's most classic terrain
from the summit.

EAGLE CLIFF TRIPLE (DOPPELMAYR) - Installed at Cannon in 1999, this lift was previously installed as the
Summit Triple at Mt. Sunapee (Fabricated in 1987). This chair replaced the former Hong Kong double chair.

BROOKSIDE TRIPLE (DOPPELMAYR/GARAVENTA-CTEC) - Added in 1999 the towers and chairs are also from Mt. Sunapee where they
were part of the Summit Triple. As the rest of that chair was installed as the Eagle Cliff chair, a New Garaventa-Ctec
drive and return were ordered for the installation.

TUCKERBROOK (DOPPELMAYR/CTEC) - Added in 2003 as part of the Tuckerbrook expansion. This expansion brought Cannon closer
to Mittersill at the base, making the reopening of Mittersill more of a real possibility. This area added some nice isolated
beginner terain.

MITTERSILL DOUBLE (DOPPELMAYR/CTEC) - Opened Jan 1, 2011 this double chair brought lift serviced skiing back to the former Mittersill
Ski Area. The area was a sidestash favorite since closing its doors in 1984. In 2009 Mittersill was offcially annexed into Cannon Resort.


TRAM (AMERICAN STEEL & WIRE WITH BOB HERON AND PARTS FROM BLEICHERT GERMANY) - The original 1938 "Old Girl", a 24 passenger tram.
This lift was built by American Steel and Wire with parts from Blichert and later modified by Heron who had purchased American Steel and Wire.
Heron constructed a third cabin for the tram after one of the originals had been damaged. One of the original tram cars now resides at the base
of Cannon as part of the New England Ski Museum. One of the other cars is at Clark's Trading Post in Lincoln NH, the third is in storage.
The original base terminal is now part of the tram lodge.

ZOOMER DOUBLE (ROEBLING) - Replaced in 1984 with a Doppelmayr triple.

PEABODY DOUBLE (ROEBLING) - Replaced in 1999 with a Garaventa/CTEC high speed quad.

PEABODY LODGE - Pictured in 1962

Photos 11-17 and 19 thanks to Don Cosgrove, Pic 18 thanks to Scot Holt