CLEOPATRA TRIPLE CHAIR (RIBLET/BORVIG) - This lift was constructed by Riblet in 1964 as the second
chair lift to the summit ridge. It was later upgraded by Borvig, the re-build included new drive and return
terminals, new chairs, grips, tower cross arms, sheaves and a depression tower. Only the original tower pylons
were reused. The original Riblet triple chairs were re-used on the Meadows lift when it was converted from a
quad to a triple.

MARC ANTONY (BORVIG) - This Borvig double chair was built in 1982 and runs in tandem with the Cleopatra Triple.

SULLIVAN EXPRESS (DOPPELMAYR) - Built in 1995, this high speed quad replaced the Sullivan Double. The line
runs slightly to looker's right of the original lift. You can see the old tower pads on your left as you ride up.

BAILEY DOUBLE (BORVIG) - This Borvig double was originaly built to supplement the Sullivan Double.

MEADOWS TRIPLE CHAIR (BORVIG/RIBLET) - Originally constructed in 1981 as a center pole quad by Borvig. The center pole design proved
problematic as the chairs were prone to uneven weighting and difficult to load with two safety bars. The lift was converted to a triple
in 1996 using Riblet chairs recycled from the original build of the Cleopatra Triple.

STEVENSON EXPRESS (DOPPELMAYR) - Built in 1994, this lift extended further uphill than the
L-1 lift it replaced and actually increased the vertical of the area.

RACEWAY TRIPLE (BORVIG) - Built in 1985 this lift runs next to the Stevenson Express but does
not go up as high.

SUNBOWL I (BORVIG) - The first sunbowl chair has been upgraded over the years.

SUNBOWL II (BORVIG) - The second and newer of two Borvig chairs in the Sun Bowl area, this chair
was added in 1988.


SULLIVAN DOUBLE CHAIR (HALL) - Built in 1963 as the original summit lift, this chair was replaced
by the Sullivan Express High Speed Quad.

L-1 CHAIR - Replaced in 1994 with the Stevenson Express.

Several pictues thanks to Nick.