CRUSIER QUAD (DOPPELMAYR) - Installed in 2005 this quad replaced Granny's Double.

TOP FLIGHT QUAD (CARLEVARO-SAVIO/CTEC) - Originally built as a Carlevaro-Savio double in 1963 the towers
were re-used when the CTEC quad was constructed in 1993. The drive, chairs, return and tower masts were all new
only retaining the double's erector type towers.

HIGHLINE QUAD (DOPPELMAYR-CTEC) - This lift replaced the highline double in 1994.

PADDYWAGON (CARLEVARO-SAVIO) - Built in 1969, this was the first double chair to service the beginner terrain
and later the upper lodge. It was later suplemented with the Scooter Double.

OVERBROOK TRIPLE (THIOKOL/CTEC) - Installed in 1976, before Thiokol was purchased by CTEC, the lift has
several ctec chairs and grips. This may have been a result of the 1995 tornado that damaged many of the lifts.

POMA (POMA) - Refurbished in 2011, the poma serves lower mountain terrain.


CHAIR 1 (CARLEVARO-SAVIO) - While it's towers still stand as part of the Top Flight Quad, the chairs from original lift
lie in the boneyard. This chair was installed in 1963 and served the mountain for 30 years!

HIGHLINE DOUBLE (CARLEVARO-SAVIO) - Installed in 1968 as Butternut's second chair. The lift ran strongly
and was only replaced in 2004 because an attractive offer to buy a quad chair came along that the mountain couldn't refuse.
When the double was installed the construction crew had to learn enough Italian to read the assembly instructions!

GRANNY'S DOUBLE (MUELLER/POMA) - Installed in 1971 to replace a T-Bar, this lift was part Poma and
part Mueller, the Mueller parts came from Mt. Cathalia where the chair was originaly installed in the 1960's.
The towers may have also been from Dutchess. The chairs were modified with new safty bars and hanger
arms fabricated in-house. The lift was replaced with a Doppelmayr quad in 2005.

SCOOTER DOUBLE (POMA/BORVIG) - Purchased used from the former Petersburg Pass ski area in NY, the lift
was installed at Butternut in 1979 to ease lines at the Paddywaggon Double. It recieved replacement Borvig
chairs somewhere along the line custom made with longer hanger arms to account for the length of the original
Poma chairs. The lift was removed around 2009 and replaced with Magic Carpet lifts.

CHAIR NEVER INSTALLED - This Pullman-Berry chair was purchased from the defunct Ski Minnie resort
at lake Minniewaska, NY. It was never installed and finally scrapped but a few ghost chair seats remain.

Pics 32 and 33 thanks to Garrett Schepper, Pictures 34-47 thanks to Jason Walenga