VIRGINIA CITY (RIBLET) - Built in 1978 this chair services the lower half of the mountain.

SNOW FLAKE TRIPLE (GARAVENTA/CTEC) - Added as a short learing lift in 1999.

POWDER PARK QUAD (GARAVENTA/CTEC) - This quad chair was installed in 1995 as part of a lift re-alignment.
It replaced the lower portion of the Alpine chair but followed a different line to the left.

BRIDGER TRIPLE (DOPPELMAYR) - Built in 2010 to replace the original Bridger Double.

PIERRE'S KNOB (CTEC) - This triple chair was installed in 1991 to replace a 1978 vintage Riblet Double Chair.

SCHLASMAN'S LIFT (DOPPELMAYR) - Schlasman's Double lift was added in 2008 to provide lift accessed "side country"
terrain. A beacon is required to ride the lift, shovel and probe recommended. The double was purchased from Snowbird
in Utah where it served as the Peruvian Chair from 1976-2007. When it was installed at Bridger the lift recieved new bail
type Doppelmayr chairs and com line masts on top of each tower cross arms. Some of the original center pole chairs can be
found as benches throughout the ski area. Here is a picture of it at Snowbird.


BRIDGER DOUBLE (RIBLET) - Built in 1964 the Riblet chair was the first and main lift in the upper bowl.
In 1995 it was shortened slightly from the bottom as part of a lift re-alignment. During this process it recieved a new
CTEC tension station. It was replaced in 2010 with a Doppelmayr Triple.

ALPINE DOUBLE (RIBLET/CTEC) - Built in 1967 the lift was originally ran from the base area to
the top of the Alpine Bowl. In 1995 the bottom 1/4 was removed in a lift reconfiguration. A new
CTEC loading terminal was installed futher uphill to create a pod of skiing in the Alpine area. In spring of 2013
the chair was removed. It has been replaced by two new triple chairs following different alignments.
the Alpine Lift will live on at Mt. Spokane Washington as the Red Chair.

PIERRE'S KNOB DOUBLE - Installed in 1978, this lift was replaced with a CTEC triple in 1991.

DEER PARK DOUBLE - This chair ran from the right of the Pierre's knob lift and terminated sightly downhill and to the left of
the Bridger Chair.

CONTINENTAL T-BAR - The T-bar started just up hill under the Virginia City lift and Terminated at the top of the Hill directly in
front of the base lodge. It was used mostly on days when it was overly crowded or when the base of the mountain was too windy to operate
the VC and Alpine lifts. People could then ski over to the original base of the Bridger Chair to access the top of the mountain, or get off at midway and ski over to the Deer Park or Piers Knob chairs.

Pic 1 thanks to Travis Campbell