COLORADO SUPER CHAIR (TM) (POMA) - Built in 1986, this Poma Detachable was upgraded in 2004

ROCKY MOUNTAIN SUPER CHAIR (TM) (POMA) - A Poma detachable quad added to Peak 8 in 1997.

CHAIR 5 (RIBLET) - A classic Riblet double built in 1970 that services beginner terrain on Peak 8.

SNOWFLAKE DOUBLE (POMA) - A1996 poma Alpha style double. This chair makes 45 degree turn as you can see from the picture.

CHAIR 6 (RIBLET) - Built in 1979, this chair was the highest chair on the mountain until the Imperial Express (TM) was installed in 2005.
This chair provides fun laps of high altitude rocky terrain.

CHAIR E (RIBLET) - Built in 1982, This chair connects Peak 8 & 9 with some great steeps.

T-BAR (DOPPELMAYR) - Built in 1984, this lift provides access to much of Breckenridge's high altitude terrain on Peaks 8&7

CHAIR A (RIBLET) - This 1975 Riblet triple chair provides access to beginner terrain and terrain parks on peak 9.

MERCURY SUPERCHAIR (TM) (POMA) - Built in 1997, this high speed quad lift provides access to the center of Peak 9.

PEAK 8 SUPERCONNECT (TM) (LEITNER-POMA) - Built in 2002, This high speed quad lift begins at the base of Peak 9, travels to a bit below
where Lift 4 began, hits an angle/loading station then follows the old Lift 4 line to the summit of Peak 8. It is a two way lift.

QUICKSILVER SUPER 6 (TM) (POMA) - This double loading six pack replaced the quicksilver super chair in 1999.


CHAIR 1 (HERON) - A 6100' double chair on peak 8.

CHAIR 2 (HERON) - Built in 1965 this 4400' double chair that was located on peak 8. Chair 2 is shown in the background of the 2nd pic.

CHAIR 4 (RIBLET) - this chair connected Peak 8 and 9 before the Peak 8 Superconnect (TM)

QUICKSILVER QUAD (DOPPELMAYR) - This quad followed a similar line to the current Quicksilver six pack but
was shorter and aligned slighly differently. Built in 1981, tt was the first High Speed Quad in America, and was moved
to Owl's Head Quebec when it was replaced in 1999.

Imperial Express, Peak 8 Superconnect, Mercury Superchair, Colorado Superchair, Rocky Mtn. Super Chair are Trademarks of Vail Trademarks Inc.