BROMLEY, VT - Bromley opened in 1938 by beer mogul Fred Pabst, maker of Pabst Blue Ribbon. It underwent many ownership changes over the years,
at times being owned by both nearby Stratton and Magic. It is often nicknamed the Sun Mountain due to it's southern exposure.

SUN MOUNTAIN (DOPPELMAYR) - This detachable quad was installed in 1997 to replace Bromley's original #1 Double Chair. It is Bromley's
main lift, servicing nearly all of it's terrain. Unlike most lifts, Sun Mountain reaches the very peak of the mountain it serves, meaning
it is very susceptible to wind near the last few towers.

SUN CHAIR (HALL) - This chair is the older half of a Hall double-double chair installed in 1974. When installed only this half
was completed with the right side reserved for future capacity. This chair on lookers left originally terminated the summit and featured
a 3/4 unload station. The towers above the 3/4 station were typical hall towers (not double/double). In 1998 the chair was shortened to
terminate at the 3/4 station which permits most of the mountain to open on days when the summit lifts go on wind hold.

ALPINE CHAIR (VON ROLL/HALL) - The Alpine Chair was the second half of the double double, being installed in 1984. This lift was installed during
the strange time period after Hall's absorption into VonRoll-Habegger, where VonRoll sold off the Hall parts stock in the early 80s under their
name, even though everything on Alpine was made by Hall at their factory in Watertown NY. This lift provides intermediate skiers a shorter lift ride
and experts another way to access Blue Ribbon, as well as serving Bromley's famous alpine slide and zipline in the summer months.

PLAZA DOUBLE (RIBLET) - A classic Riblet built in 1965 and Bromley's second chairlift as it's twin, Stargazer had construction delays.
This lift originally had center pole carriers however they were replaced in 1997 with bail-type chairs due to Vermont regulations
mandating safety bar use. These chairs may have come from Okemo's old Northwest Summit Double. Plaza today serves beginner terrain
alongside Lord's Prayer as well as Bromley’s terrain park.

BLUE RIBBON (POMA) - This Poma fixed quad was installed in 1988 in the mostly-expert East Side. It was installed under Simon Oren's
ownership to supplement the Stargazer Double. This increase in capacity meant Stargazer almost never ran, leading to it's removal.
While this is the only lift directly out of the east side, you can continue down to the base.

EAST MEADOW DOUBLE (HALL) - The East Meadow Double was built 1974 along with Sun to be a double double, however the second side was never built.
It serves beginner and intermediate terrain out of the base area that is a bit more forgiving than the terrain off Bromley's other intermediate
lift, Alpine. The chair is shown in a few pictures with several modified chairs designed to carry Devil Carts a former summer attraction.

LORD'S PRAYER T-BAR (HALL) - This T Bar was installed used from an unknown location in 1997 to replace a J Bar of the same name. It services the
Lord's Prayer and School Slope runs, which are never crowded as the T Bar is the only lift to serve them. If it's a weekend and there’s natural
snow you may be lucky enough to catch a ride!


NUMBER ONE - A Riblet double built in 1958 which ran base to summit. It was removed in 1997 and replaced
by the Sun Mountain Express quad. Original owner Fred Pabst prefered J-Bar's but admitted his "skiers prefered
the double." We currently have one of the chairs from this lift in our collection pictured below. The chair was originaly
equiped with footrests that would swing around automatically when the safty bar was lowered. The bars on the chairs
were later modified with conventional footrests and new bar counter weights.

LORD'S PRAYER J-BAR - The Lord's Prayer J-bar served the Lord's Prayer J-bar served the Lord's Prayer area until it was replaced by a used Hall T- Bar. The last picture shows the J-Bar being removed.

STARGAZER DOUBLE (RIBLET) - Built in 1965, opened in 1966 due to construction delays and removed in the mid-1990's
this was the first chairlift to serve the East Side. On this chair in 1987 the Chairlift Preservation Society began.
The picture shows all that remained of this chair as of 2001. This chair was rendered unnecessary a few years after the
Blue Ribbon quad was installed next to it. Much of this lift was used to rebuild the Summit Double at West Mtn in
New York, however that lift has since been replaced.

Picture 39 and 40 thanks to Don Cosgrove, pics 48,49 thanks to Nick.