SNOWFLAKE DOUBLE (HALL) - Built in 1966, this chair services beginner terrain and the terrain park near the main base area.

VISTA QUAD (DOPPELMAYR/CTEC)- Built in 2005 to replace the Vista double, this chair now goes top to bottom in one shot
starting at the base following a line on the upper mountain slightly to the right of the old chair.

WILDERNES DOUBLE (HALL) - An original Hall double chair built when the mountain opened in 1966 to serve the Wilderness Peak.
This chair as a long, steep unloading ramp and has a mid-station jsut before the steep upper section.

MID-MOUNTIAN DOUBLE (HALL) - a Hall double chair built when the mountain opened in 1966 it was upgraded sometime
in the 80's as the drive reads Von Roll/Habbager who had aquired Hall in the early 80's.

TIMBERLINE QUAD (DOPPELMAYR) - Added in 1986 to serve a new third peak at the area.


VISTA DOUBLE (POMA) - A 1969 Poma double was replaced for the 2006 season with a Doppelmayr/CTEC Quad.
The lift started at the top of the Mid-mountain lift and ended at the Vista Peak summit. The quad that replaced
it follows a new line and starts at the base area, running top to bottom. The old double chair featured Poma's
floeating bullwheel system at the summit.

Pics 4-21 thanks to Dan Robertson.