EXPLORER (HERON/POMA) - One of the mountain's three lifts built in 1973, this double leaves from the main
base area. It services beginner terrain and provides access to the Challenger lift.

CHALLENGER (RIBLET/SUPERIOR TRAMWAY) - Built in 1979, Superior Tramway was a subsidiary of Riblet. The obvious feature
that distinuishes it from a regular riblet are the non height adjustable tower cross arms. The drive and return columns are
square rather than cylindrical. All other parts are standard Riblet such as sheaves, chairs and clips. Superior based in Spokane WA
still provides parts for Heron/Poma and Riblet Lifts. It is said that the chair was upgraded by Superior in 1986.

LONE PEAK TRIPLE (HERON/POMA) - One of the mountain's original lifts built in 1973. Prior to the installation
of the tram this was the mountain's highest lift.

LONE PEAK TRAM (DOPPELMAYR) - This 15 person jig back tram was installed in 1995 to access expert terrain from the summit of Lone Peak for the first time by lift.

SHEDHORN (HERON/POMA) - Added in the 1995, this lift was originally installed as the Ram's Head lift in 1973.
It was re-installed in 1995 to service expert terrain below the "dictator chutes."

DAKOTA (HERON/POMA) - This lift was installed in its current alignment in 2007. Prior to this
installation, the entire chair was hot dipped galvanized to better stand up to harsh elements.
Prior to becomming the Dakota lift this chair was installed as the Southern Comfort Triple in 1991.
It was purchased used at that time from Copper Mountain, CO.

SWIFT CURRENT EXPRESS (DOPPELMAYR) - Built in 1996 to replace Gondola II.

RAMCHARGER (DOPPELMAYR) - Built in 1991 to replace the Rams's Head chair, it was the mountain's first
high speed quad.

THUNDERWOLF EXPRESS (DOPPELMAYR) - Built in 1993 to replace the Mad Wolf double chair.


GONDOLA 1 (POMA) - The gondola was installed in 1973 and originaly had Poma "oeuf or egg" cabins. In
2000 the lift was upgraded with CWA Omega type cabins bought from Park City and refurbished. President's
Weekend the gondola suffered a derailment and was removed summer of 2008. The cabins have been shipped
to Sugarloaf where they will be considered for a future lift on Sugarloaf.

GONDOLA 2 (POMA) - A second gondola was installed in the early 1980's. It is said that the lift was bought used from europe which would explain
why it is omitted from most lift construction surveys. It was replaced in 1996 with the Swift Current Express
Doppelmayr high speed quad.

RAMS HEAD (HERON/POMA) - One of the original chairs built in 1973. This lift was first named the Andesite lift. It was replaced in 1991 with the Ramcharger

MAD WOLF (HERON/POMA) - Built in 1979 this lift ran the line of the Thunderwolf Quad. It was replaced in 1993
and reinstalled and relocated in 1995 as the Shedhorn Double.

SOUTHERN COMFORT (HERON/POMA) - This used triple came from Copper, CO and was installed in 1991.
It was replaced in 2004 with a high speed quad. In 2007 it was rebuilt as the Dakota chair.

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