SUPERCHIEF (DOPPELMAYR/CTEC) - Installed in 2006 to replace the fixed grip Superchief quad, it follows the same
line but with no midstation.

LIFT 7 (RIBLET) - A 1986 Riblet triple that services the summit of the mountain with a midstation.

LIFT 1 & 2 (DOPPELMAYR) - A double double chair installed in 1982 to service lower beginner terrain.

TOMAHAWK QUAD (GARAVENTA/CTEC) - Installed in 1999 this lift serves expanded terrain plus
terrain formerly served by the T-Bar.


SUPERCHIEF (GARAVENTA/CTEC) - Installed in 1999 to replace the Hall summit double. This quad was upgraded to a
high speed quad by Doppelmayr/CTEC in 2006. Many of the lift towers were reused, the remaining parts were sold to

SUMMIT CHAIR (ROEBLING) - Originally built in 1949 as a single chair, this lift was later converted to a double.

SUMMIT DOUBLE 2 (HALL) - Built in 1977 to replace the original Roebling double. This lift was replaced
by the Superchief quad in 1999. It has been relocated to Plattekill as the double chair.

T-BAR (ROEBLING) - This lift went a bit over 1/2 the way up and serviced terrain now accessed by the Tomahawk
quad chairlift.