BERKSHIRE EAST, MA (Thunder Mountain)

MOUNTAIN TOP TRIPLE (POMA) - This chair was installed in 2009 to replace the Diamondhead Express Double
This new chair follows the same line but terminates further up hill beyond the Summit Triple terminus.
This lift was purchased from Ski Rio in NM where it was originally installed in 1982 as the Bravo Lift.

SUMMIT TRIPLE (POMA) - This lift was originaly built in 1987 as the Sun Corner triple at Magic, VT. It was installed at
Berkshire East in 1995.

TOP NOTCH DOUBLE (HALL) - This lift was originaly built in 1964 as the Little Chair at Magic, VT. It was installed at
Mt Tom in 1995 as the Little Chair. The lift joined it's old mate (the Summit Triple) at Berkshire East in 2001.

WEST QUAD (BORVIG/PARTEK) - Installed at Bershire East in 2003, this chair came from the defunct Berthoud Pass, CO area.
It replaced the Exhibition View double, but follows a different, longer line.


SUMMIT DOUBLE (MUELLER) - Installed in 1961, this double originally had center pole chairs. It was
later upgraded with bail style chairs. In 1995 it was replaced with the Summit Triple. The cement tower
pads are still visible today below the triple on liftline. One of the pictures shows the old drive terminal
discarded in the woods in the early 2000's.

EXHIBITION VIEW DOUBLE (MUELLER) - Installed in 1963, this lift may have first had center pole chairs. It is pictured
with the newer Mueller bail type chairs. This chair was replaced by the West Quad (Leitner/Borvig) in 2003

DIAMONDHEAD EXPRESS (HALL) - This 1960's vintage Hall chair was installed at Berkshire East in 1978. It was purchased
from Sierra Ski Ranch, CA and installed one trail over from the Summit Chair. It stopped just below the summit and at one time
was the fastest fixed grip chair in New England. Pictures 8 & 9 show a tower with a yan cross arm which must have been added
when the chair was re-installed.

COMPETITION T-BAR (MUELLER) - Built in 1961, once the lift was removed the drive terminal was discarded in the woods for a time.

LITTLE BEAVER (SLI) - Installed in 1978 and removed in the late 90's because it saw little use. The lift was purchased used
from a ski area in the mid-west.

Pictures 2,3,4 and info thanks to Jeremy (Rocket 21). Pictures 5 & 6 thanks to
Pictures 7-11 thanks to Jon R. (Woodcore)