BARCELONA, SPAIN - You might not think of Barcelona as a place for lift peeping. When my brother decided
to get married there, I was pretty happy to find a tram and gondola both within 100 feet of my hotel.

TELEPHERIC MONTJUIC (LEITNER) - Constructed from 2004-2007 (They took alot of siestas). This lift replaced
the original 4 passenger Von Roll Gondola to the summit and castle on Montjuic. It is a two stage lift with beautiful
sweeping views of the city and water.

TRANSBORDADOR AERI DEL PORT (BLEICHERT) - Built in 1931 as a late arival to the Barcelon 1929 world exhibition.
there are two towers, the second which houses a restauant. The restaurant has been closed for renovations for
several years. The lift departs in front of The Miramar Hotel and crosses the port, fist stop is the restaurant
on top tower two. Currently the lift only slows down as the restaurant is closed. The other terminal is located
on top of tower one in Barcelonetta. The tram's manufacturer Bleichert later merged into PHB, Pholig Heckel Bleichert
A german company famous for its gondola lifts. The lift originally operated with four cabins until 1939. It sat deteriorating
until 1963 when it was refurbished with two new cabins running the full length. The tram was refurbished again in 2000.
This tram is an amazing design with its return station located on top of an elevator serviced tower.
Read about it more Here.

TELEPHERIC MONTJUIC (VON ROLL) - The original skyride was removed in 2004.