FLYING YANKEE QUAD (GARAVENTA-CTEC) - Built in 1998 to replace the Old Reliable Double.

TOP NOTCH DOUBLE CHAIR (HALL) - Built for the 1968-69 season, this was the first lift to go all the way to
the summit of Attitash. Plans were to install a monorail were scrapped and this Hall chair was erected in
its place.

SUMMIT TRIPLE (CTEC) - This chair was installed in 1986 to supliment the Top Notch double.

EAST/WEST DOUBLE DOUBLE (BORVIG) - Added in 1974, the East Chair has a mid-station. After the
mid-station the lift no longer shares towers.

LEARNING CENTER TRIPLE (CTEC) - Built in 1988 to service beginner terrain.


OLD RELIABLE (MUELLER/CTEC) - The original chair on the mountain in 1964, this chair
was eventually modified by CTEC and then removed. The CTEC chairs and line equipment
are now on another Mueller chair at Bear Creek, VT.