ASCUTNEY, VT - Ascutney closed as a resort in 2009. In Summer 2012 Ascutney sold its Northpeak Express
quad to Crotched Mountain NH. In 2014 all other lifts were sold to Pat's Peak for future use or resale. Only the
Sunrise Double remains standing but not operational. In 2015 a rope tow was built from scratch as the community
rallied to return Ascutney to a town ski hill. There is also fantastic mountain biking offered on the Ascutney Trails.

ELY-HOWLAND ROPE TOW (Home Made) - Built in 2016 from scratch by volunteers from the community.

SUNRISE DOUBLE (HALL) - A 1970 Hall chair, this was the second chair built on the mountian and the oldest remaining lift.


SNOWDANCE TRIPLE (CTEC)- This chair replaced the original summit Double (Hall) in 1986. this was the main
base to summit lift on the mountain until the Northpeak Express was added extending the summit. While the
the lift remains unchanged it now ends 7/8ths up the mountain.

VILLAGE TRIPLE (CTEC) - Built in 1984 to connect the Village Hotel and slopes with the main base lodge.

NOVICE TRIPLE (CTEC) - Built in 1984 to create an entire learning center.

NORTHPEAK EXPRESS (CTEC/Garaventa) - Bult in 2000 this CTEC/Garaventa detachable quad extended the summit of the mountain.
It was removed in the summer of 2012 and relocated to Crotched Mountain as the new summit lift.

WEST T-BAR (HALL) - Built in 1963, the lift was not replaced, rather removed to create a massive western style slope.