WILDCAT DOUBLE (YAN) - An early Yan double chair which features nylon backrests.

ALBION DOUBLE (YAN) - An early Yan center pole double chair.

CECRET LIFT (YAN) - An early Yan center pole double chair.

SUNNYSIDE TRIPLE (GARAVENTA/CTEC) - This high speed triple was installed in 1999 to replace the sunnyside double.
A high speed triple was chosen so not to increase capacity dramaticly but provide a quick comfortable ride.

SUPREME TRIPLE (YAN/CTEC) - Built In 2001 to replace the Supreme Double (Yan). When the Sugarloaf quad was installed, many parts from
the old Yan Sugarloaf triple were relocated to create the Supreme triple. New carriers and modifications were made by CTEC at that time.

TRANSFER TOW (YAN) - Built to connect the two base areas.


GERMAINIA TRIPLE (YAN/CTEC) - This chair was built by Yan and later modified by CTEC with new chairs and
line equiptment. The tower pylons have been reused on the upper section of the Collins Express quad which replaced
it in 2004.

COLLINS DOUBLE (YAN) - This chair replaced the original single chair. It ran from the Collins base to just above the germainia triple
It was replaced by the Collins Express quad in 2004 which now runs base to summit following the old Collins and Germainia lines.


GERMAINIA DOUBLE (HERON) - Built in 1954 by Heron this lift was later replaced by a Yan triple and most recently in 2004
by a Doppelmayr/CTEC high speed quad.

ORIGINAL WILDCAT DOUBLE (HERON) - This chair was replaced by the current Yan double.

Several pics thanks to Dan Robertson