SHERWOOD EXPRESS (DOPPELMAYR-CTEC) - Built in 2005 to replace the old Sherwood triple.

ROUNDHOUSE EXPRESS (DOPPELMAYR) - Built in 1993 by Doppelmayr

SUMMIT SIX (DOPPELMAYR) - Built in 1996 to replace the Yan built AM Express high speed quad.
Following the 1995 Quicksilver Chair accident at Whistler, several resorts chose to remove their
Yan built high speed quads, this was one of the earliest examples.

ALPINE BOWL (YAN) - Built in 1980 by Lift Engineering (Yan), this chair unloads inside a summit
terminal building much like many of the double chairs in Europe.

SCOTT (YAN/GARAVENTA-CTEC) - This chair was put in by Garaventa-Ctec in 1998 with new
triple chairs, sheaves and drive. It uses the towers from the original Scott Chair, a Yan double
built in 1972.

HOT WHEELS (GARAVENTA-CTEC) - Built in 1998 to replace the Weisel chair. It is shorter than
the original chair.

YELLOW (YAN) - Built in 1972 by Lift Engineering (Yan).

MEADOW (YAN) - Built in 1971 by Lift Engineering (Yan).

KANGAROO (YAN) - This double was built in 1975


SUMMIT (RIBLET/YAN) - Built in 1963 by Riblet the chair was upgraded by Yan in 1975 and
replaced by the AM Express in 1989. The Summit Six now follows its line.

AM EXPRESS (YAN) - Built in 1989 by Lift Engineering (Yan), the chair was replaced by the
Summit Six in 1996 following flaws found in Yan detachable lifts. The AM Express was built
to replace the orignal Summit Chair.

SCOTT (YAN) - Built in 1973 by Lift Engineering (Yan) CTEC reused the towers when it
was upgraded to a triple in 1998.

Pictures thanks to Charlie Wittke