Alpe D'Huez, France

The follow pictures and descriptions are thanks to Al Bell from the UK!

"AL from the Uk here. I've just returned from Alpe D'Huez in the French Alps where I encountered a very unusual Pulse Gondola.
Instead of Gondola Cabins, the lift has a series of "baskets" where the passenger stands upright. What I found most interesting
about the lift was the fact that it turns 3 major angles. Since it's a fixed grip lift I was very interested in how the grip navigated the
negative angle. Each grip has four small roller bearings place above and below the grip in a horizontal position. The positive angle
is straight forward with one or two regular sized bull wheels placed at the angle points. But, for the negative angle, the haul rope
passes along a long sheave train with the wheels mounted horizontally.This is within a steel channel that runs at the same curve
as the haul rope. As the grip hits the channel, the four roller bearings run along the steel channel and pull the haul rope out of the
centre of the channel away from the sheave train wheels.Once the grip of the last basket has passed along the channel, the haul
rope returns into the groove and back onto the sheave train. The lift slows down considerably at these points and I was quite
surprised at how far the haul rope is brought out from the sheave train to accomplish this. The system was built by Poma's rival
French company Montaz Mauntino (now Gimar Montaz Mauntino) in the 1970's." Last 2 are a retro-fitted Poma Gondola at
Alpe D'Huez with unusual towers.This was a four person "Egg" until1987 when the drive and return station were replaced and
new 6 seater cabins were added.